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Tips. Rex, Echo or Arc must trigger sacrifice. Try to delay bringing down the gate as long as possible. Have Rex use first basic on gate button to use up a turn, but not actually bring it down. Need two rexillates for a worthwhile run, restart if you can't get them. Use airplane mode! Rancor phase 2/3: 9+%.We also share additional resources for non-Galactic Legends teams you may see. Links mentioned in the video: SLKR Counters Captain Rex Lead - https: ... GAC Meta - Join the Kyber Club VIP+ Program! Private streams, emotes, private Discord server, and collect Kyber Crystals to show the galaxy your UNLIMITED POWER! ...SWGOH Grand Arena Championships Jedi Knight Cal Kestis Squads. Based on 1,669,389 GAC Battles analyzed this season. Last updated: 8 hours ago. GAC S eason 42 - 5v5.Offense Teams video link: Off-meta counters link: https://xaereth-prevails.creator-spring....SEE, SET, Armourer (low star is fine with zeta) thrawn and Han will beat pretty much any team out there. There's a strategy to it but it's awesome. 3. Reply. Share. Lek93. • 3 yr. ago. Any sith honestly because SEE will be doing everything but the triumvirate is one of the better choices. 2.A First Order team is needed for the BB-8 event. For your First Order Team, the most accessible farms are Kylo Ren, First Order Officer, and Captain Phasma. First Order Pilot will be a long farm through battles, so get started on him as soon as you can. This is a beginner's guide to the "Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes" mobile app.Ahnald's infographic from his November 2023 vid would be fine, or any of the other YT SWGOH creators; I just cant access youtube right now to pull it (on a shipboard network where streaming sites/YT is blocked) and wont be able to for a bit. I'm trying to make sense of this mess of a roster I've got. TIA! Not an Ahnald fan but I think these are ...Hera, Chopper, Rex, Zeb, Sabine. Infinite turn meter loop. More consistent than Imperial Troopers. The thing is Pheonix is now an adaptable tool by slotting in different characters depending on what you need. Use the one in conquest right now. Kanan, Hera, Ezra, Chopper. 16 votes, 15 comments. I've started farming Captain Rex but I don't ...But separatists + Wat is superior against GAS and Jedi Reven. Personally I have found the best separatist team to be General Grievous (lead), Wat Tambor, Magnaguard, B1, B2. Wat places shield tech on Magna, GG runs a turn meter train with target lock shenanigans. sep droids arguably best.Patreon Is The Best Way To Support AP: The Discord! A Member! are the Best Fleets for GAC in the Current Meta (3/28/2023) Strategy Updated 1/15/24! I love fleets. ... Because this team is stronger on defense against non-mirror fights, especially profundity, and most of my K2 opponents either don't have Levi or leave it on defense. ... I also see people who put Res X wing in the starting lineup ...In general though, SEE + Wat or SEE + Armorer + Tank are best for offense as it creates the most efficiency. If you don't have Wat or Armorer, use a full team and replace Wat with Malak or SET. Below are my usual strategies for each GL. By no means is this complete, and this represents a more ideal setup, and there are multiple team ...Darth revan and dark Bastilla are great in any sith team and even if you don't use them you then have a pretty good Darth revan team. Traya can work plug and play pretty well as a 5th so worth the relics in my opinion. I personally use See, dark Bastilla, darth revan, malak, and traya.Want To Support AP? Join Patreon! The Discord! 16, 2016 · 5. Barriss Offee. Logic: Yoda is a monster; Dooku has high stun and counter rate; Old Ben is a tank and an ability blocker; Fives is a Tank; Does high damage with ally assist attack AND slows downs enemies. Qui-Gon's Assist adds on to make the enemy bow low; A truly fearsome team. Oh and Barriss is a life saver.Can use Beskar too if you don't have enough Mandos. The first 4 are arguably required for any comp. Jango and Candy are pure damage and BKK with her zeta gives you so much sustain power. Maul, BKK, BAM, Canderous and Wat (or Armorer) is a SEE counter as well.SEE, Traya, Nihilus, Sion, Vader. For SEE mirrors, I like SEE, Wat, Traya, Vader, SET. You can 3-man SLKR with SEE, Armorer, GBA/Malak (depending on SLKR's offense stat). It works well even with a 3* G11 armorer, but at any lower gear level, you might want to run a full lineup with Thrawn and Han. Have Han stun Hux, and Thrawn TM swaps to ...About : Offense Teams video link: Merch: My Twitch Channel: ...BIG changes in this updated all teams ranked in Galaxy of Heroes graphic! Link to download here -'ve been using a leftovers team of CLS, Chewpio, Raddus, Cassian, and R2 for a full 2/2 wave 0/6 platoon team in Tatooine for quite a while now. I tried auto time around and can confirm it'll handle it easy, though I recommend tapping your target again to remove the focus target since they'll spread the damage a bit more.Armorer. As many have said, the goal of SEE is to keep him alive until ultimate so naturally Wat and Armorer will do this best, Thrawn helps to just give the Armorer a turn if your Thrawn is very fast and Armorer slightly slower. Current new datacron for SEE works only with a full team of Sith, it'll likely be broken.If I was putting a team together, I'd go with EP, Vader, Thrawn, Mara and Tarkin. Not sure if that's the best team. Palp Vader Thrawn Mara, and treya can beat JML with her at 3 stars. I have Mara at R7 with basically your comp (Tarkin instead of Piett) and that team is no joke, seriously.Best Mod Set for Rey. The most popular Mod Set for Rey is Health (2) and Offense (4) . This set provides a bonus of 10% Health and 15% Offense. This Rey mod set is used by 67% of the top 1000 Kyber GAC players in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Some other popular mod sets used for Rey are: Health (2) and Health (2) and Health (2) - 18%.Honestly, the success of your team in a given battle will usually hinge on how you can keep 88 alive. The AoE attack is one of the best in the game, especially when you've already debuffed enemy toons with HK. Jawa Engineer: JE is the secret sauce in this Big Mac of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Pairing JE with droids boosts his speed, which ...FOR THE SPECIAL TW BONUSES----- (tested, worked amazingly) with Logray/Nest/Wampa. defense team that can take a hit. bring a dazer like logray (who can do 24/7 dazes) and it should make it much easier. recommended with Hoda for constant heals and long fight mean lot of master-training. bring a tank to burst the veers AoEs on …Honorable Mentions: While the ones above are the best of the best, we also have a few characters that can prove really useful in evading attacks and are perfect for such lineups: Amilyn Holdo, Bastila Shan (Fallen), Commander Ahsoka Tano, Han Solo, Echo, Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight Revan, R2-D2, and Tech. Final words.Lets look at the basics: her CORE team, which is non-negotiable - Leia, Drogan, R2. CG suggested that she would work best with having a double tank of Kanan & Old Ben soaking up all the hits whilst the core three do all the damage. Streamers seemed to gravitate towards Baze & Ezra so there is even more damage potential, plus a pre-taunter.Dr. Aphra also becomes incredibly durable, gaining 63.3% additional Max Health/Pro. Functionally, for me, that gives me 40,000 additional Max Health and 45,000 Max Protection. Finally, Droid Savant supercharges the entire team, granting 42.2% additional Defense, Offense, and Tenacity to the entire team. That's just from loading up on her …It will be similar to the GAC tier list, except you can demote the GAC teams that rely on omicrons (Iden, QGJ, oZam teams, Dash Scoundrels, Malgus SE, Raddus R1, Starkiller, etc) and promote teams with TW omicrons (MJ Juhani, Phasma, BFSOJ, etc.). The problem though is with datacrons in the mix, there are large swings every new DC season, so ...Best Mod Set for STAP. The most popular Mod Set for STAP is Health (2) and Speed (4) . This set provides a bonus of 10% Health and 10% Speed. This STAP mod set is used by 38% of the top 1000 Kyber GAC players in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Some other popular mod sets used for STAP are: Speed (4) and Potency (2) - 27%.Do more on SWGOH.GG with premium. Gain insights and go ad free. Toggle navigation. Units. Characters; Ships; ... Unlimited access to the best GAC tool on the web! (Almost) Unlimited Power (Refreshes) ... Select a specific zone to see if a team works better up front or in the back. Unlock SWGOH.GG Premium! Visit Patreon for Pricing Go Premium .Here are my initial thoughts: Finn, Hero Finn, Hero Poe and Rey (stick) + Poe if I need a backup taunt just in case. JTR, BB8, R2D2, Resistance trooper, Resistance pilot. JTR, BB8, R2D2, Resistance trooper, Poe. 9.Still gets stomped. Nope, the best LV team is with Maul. Lol no where's maul. I'm curious if anyone has tested what a proper LV lineup would be like under EP lead. Theoretically LV should be healing up to 100% health every turn as long as there are 5 enemies left and he doesn't have healing immunity or shock.Even with my slkr team I am defeated with them being at full protection and health. ... stuck for 2 days. User number 35138 on if that's how you can see my roster. Post edited by crzydroid on September 2021. 0. Replies. dogwelder79. 1503 posts Member. September 12, 2021 1:49PM ... BabyYoda#4470 My - …But who else would benefit from that team comp. Aayla and Mace are shoe-ins, but let's keep Aayla with Padme. So we go QGJ, JKA, Mace. JKA's boomstick, for best effect, needs G-Republic Jedi on his team, so let's go with Plo-Koon (becuase gearing him up really benefits your Negotiator Fleet, and for an additional AoE with Punch, go for Kit Fisto.Season 20 (Aug. 10, 2021) Season 18 (May 31, 2021) Season 16 (March 23, 2021) Season 14 (Jan. 12, 2021) Season 12 (Nov. 3, 2020) Season 9 (July 21, 2020) View the statistical breakdown of the top Grand Arena Championship Squads, Leaders and Counters on Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes!!JKL, Ezra, zBariss, HODA and OB is a very good team. Works very well in GA for defense etc and it doesn't cannibalize any significant teams. Aayla also works extremely well with JKL and is really underrated IMO. You can pull Ezra and sub her as well. In teams that use OB you can sub in zSTH for the most part.Double bayonet Wampa will remove all protection, with the exception of their tank, fairly easily and zarris can't help them at all. In theory I don't see how any CLS or GK team can beat this. EP would need all his G12 pieces with possibly a couple defense mod sets to prevent han from taking him out on the opening shot.What do you think is the best nightsister lineup now that Merrin is added. All around - Talzin, Daka, Zombie, Asajj, Merrin. 136K subscribers in the SWGalaxyOfHeroes community. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game by EA Capital Games where players collect, level and….Fishing team names also poke fun at themselves.BY: Edward Banes. After heavy research and gameplay, I've compiled a list of the best arena teams. Most of these teams feature a Galactic Legend of some sort, so it is best to start unlocking those characters to keep up in rank. 5. They Grow Beyond: Jedi Master Luke, General Skywalker, Jedi Knight Revan, Jedi Knight Luke, Hermit Yoda.Mod Views and In-Game Recommendations. Mods can be viewed within the game under the Character Inventory and then selecting Mods. There are two views available for reviewing mods: Basic and Advanced. Basic Mod View is intended for players who may not have a full understanding of all mod facets.Dispel all buffs on the target enemy. Deal Physical damage to all enemies and inflict Offense Down for 2 turns. This attack deals 5% more damage for each buff dispelled. Maul gains 2 stacks of Anguish (stacking, max 5), if an enemy was defeated by this attack Maul instead gains the maximum stacks of Anguish. Damage: 10,032 ± 500.SEE. WAT. Count Dooku. Darth Vader. Sith Marauder. Like it was noted before, SEE and Wat is basically all you need. Arguably, his roster he could use gba, thrawn, Vader and wat. At least he has a tank and some control from there. I didn’t check your roster tbh @Bregorius.The majority of this guide has been put together by EA GameChanger DBofficial125 and has a full, condensed video guide to go along with it showing examples, gameplay, setups and mod suggestions of all the teams listed for each phase. Tank Takedown (AAT) Raid Strategy & Teams. AAT Strategy & Teams - Phase 1; AAT Strategy & Teams - Phase 2That time of the year where we discuss the best teams to invest in for SWGoH! Lots of changes since we made this video last time! ... After the recent grevious win against SEE I'd put GG nuke in Aurodium. 2y. View more comments.SEE. WAT. Count Dooku. Darth Vader. Sith Marauder. Like it was noted before, SEE and Wat is basically all you need. Arguably, his roster he could use gba, thrawn, Vader and wat. At least he has a tank and some control from there. I didn't check your roster tbh @Bregorius.This is what I have resistance team wise at the moment. The GL Rey team gets holds but sometimes it also gets ran over. ... Go to SWGOH ... Mission-Brush-188. ADMIN MOD What are the best Resistance Teams, no Ben Solo This is what I have resistance team wise at the moment. The GL Rey team gets holds but sometimes it also gets ran over. Are there ...Offense Teams video link: Off-meta counters link: https://xaereth-prevails.creator-spring....Here are my thoughts on the best mods for Zorii Bliss in SWGoH: Transmitter (Square) - Speed mod with a primary focus on offense and a secondary focus on speed, potency, health and offense. Receiver (Arrow) - Speed mod with a primary focus on speed and a secondary focus on potency, offense and health. Processor (Diamond) - Speed mod with ...OnlyRoke. • • Edited. The best teams are a bit hard to determine right now. SK is largely used with Mara and Palp. The light side members are largely irrelevant though. Some are marginally better than others, but the heavy lifting will come from Mara, Palp and SK. People like to use any combination of Old Ben, Barriss, Mace, Plo Koo, Visas ...SWGOH Wampa - Who To Attack Based on 10,409 battles analyzed during GAC Season 52. Viewing all regardless of occurrances. GAC S eason 52 - 5v5 Season 52 - 5v5; Season 51 - 3v3; Season 50 - 5v5; Seen Sort By; Win% Avg Banners Seen You can click units to filter squads by that unit. Leaders are filtered separately. Seen 975Without Ben. Rey / Holdo / RH Finn / RH Poe / Scav Rey. JTR / BB8 / R2D2 / Res Trooper / Rose. OR. Rey / JTR / Holdo / RH Finn / RH Poe. Finn / Poe / Res Trooper / oZorri / oRose. The best team you can build from her requirements includes the hero bros and 1-2 tanks (JTR, Holdo, or L3 if you have her. I think she's included in one of the packs).These are the Best Fleets for GAC in the Current Meta (3/28/2023) Strategy Updated 1/15/24! I love fleets. ... Because this team is stronger on defense against non-mirror fights, especially profundity, and most of my K2 opponents either don't have Levi or leave it on defense. ... I also see people who put Res X wing in the starting lineup ......

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